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Zero Waste Hair Mask with egg and banana

Hands up who has, at least one, throw away food because too ripe or about to expire. Actually, I raise my hand πŸ™ Unfortunately, this is a common habit and every day tons of food in excellent conditions are thrown in the trash. To avoid this, just buy smart. Maybe buying food only when the fridge or pantry is almost empty, or keeping leftovers for dinner or lunch the next day. Even storing food in the freezer can be an excellent remedy if we cannot eat them in a short time. But if we follow these suggestions but are not yet sure of their freshness?
My personal tip is to use this food for DIY recipe or better in this case.. a HAIR MASK ZERO WASTE.

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Zero waste Food with DIY

The other day I discovered a little lonely egg in my fridge. Unfortunately, the expiration date was approaching. Unless they are eggs from my parents’ chicken coop, I prefer to avoid eating them if their expiration dates are too close, so I thought …


I decided to create a DIY – ZERO WASTE hair mask with that egg and a ripe banana.

Eggs are well known to help hair to be nourished and bright. In particular, egg yolk is rich in vitamins and biotin that moisturize hair when dry.  Bananas are also great for scalp and hair preventing dandruff. If you want to know other benefits and other recipes with banana, check here and discover my previous post.

What you will need

  1. an egg
  2. a half-ripe banana (just the one that has been lying in your fruit bowl for days and you’re thinking of throwing it away because now it has the black skin! hehe ..)
ingredients hair mask zero-waste


The procedure is really easy! Whisk together an egg and half banana using a hand blender to get a homogenous mixture and to avoid annoying big pieces of banana.


Once the mixture is ready, start applying the mixture on the hair and scalp. Better if you take this step in the shower to avoid getting dirty everything around you. If your scalp is too oily, I would suggest being concentrate only on the hair lengths avoiding the scalp.
Once done, let’s twist the hair on a side and clamp them up. You can secure them using a plastic shower cap but I avoided this step since I’m trying to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle. πŸ™‚


Let this mask sit for 30-45 minutes and then rinse with your shampoo and conditioner. I used a natural shampoo from 100%Pure. I also write a short review about it in my previous post. If you want to know more, click here.


before after hair mask

I didn’t use any gel or hair mousse to get them more appealing because it was more honest to show them how they really were without filters or modifications.


The final effect was amazing if you think that we got it by using only two ingredients (that were supposed to throw them away). Do you agree? Let me know your opinions or your tries here below πŸ™‚

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