Oatmeal soap recipe

    Making soap at home is a fun and creative hobby. To create something unique, I decided to formulate a hand soap that was gentle on the skin, and with a slightly exfoliating effect. The result was to formulate a recipe…

  • scrubby soap homemade caffee

    Scrubby Homemade Soap with Coffee

    Making my own soap at home is one of my favorite hobbies, along with creating my own skin creams. Today, I’m sharing my recipe to create a homemade soap with coffee, a soap with an amazing natural scrub effect. Disclosure:…

  • melt and pour green tea

    How to make Melt and Pour Soap – Green Tea

    Making soaps at home is definitely my favorite hobby! The techniques I use most are the melt and pour and cold process method, with which I have a lot of fun creating new soaps as original as possible. Today, I…