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    4 Best Natural Skin Exfoliators

    Hello, everybody! Today we talk about scrubs! In autumn, our skin needs more care and protection. Moving from the cold on the street to the warmth of our houses our skin suffers from dehydration. A simple and inexpensive advice is to…

  • scrub kiwi

    Lip Scrub with Kiwi for Christmas

    A lip scrub is a cute idea as Christmas gift. It is the solution if you have to do a lot of tiny presents for a big group of friends or if you just don’t want to spend a lot…

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    DIY Exfoliating Body Scrub with Clementines

    Today I decided to make a do-it-yourself body scrub to help my legs that are drier than the Sahara desert! Unfortunately, I noticed that my skin has become drier every day due to the lower temperatures. The use of body…