• bath salts rainbow
    DIY Skincare

    Relaxing bath salts| DIY Rainbow project

    June is the month dedicated to LGBT pride. It was chosen to commemorate the Stonewall uprisings. Violent clashes between the LGBT community and the police that took place in June 1969. This year I also wanted to create something to…

    DIY Zero waste

    How to clean yoga mat naturally

    When's the last time you cleaned the yoga mat? It's definitely been a long time for me. Find out how to clean the yoga mat naturally using ingredients that you can find at home.

  • DIY gift idea for Christmas
    Celebrations,  Homemade Soap

    DIY Christmas gift idea

    Hello, everybody! Are you looking for a DIY gift idea for Christmas? Do you want to give something that is cheap, cute and obviously handmade? Maybe this post is for you! Why not make a Christmas-themed soap? This gift idea…

  • marseille soap making
    Homemade Soap

    Homemade Marseille Soap

    Today, we will have fun making soap only with olive oil! The traditional recipe for Marseille soap includes additional cooking at 100 or 110 degrees (about 220 Fahrenheit) and washing with salt water. To prepare homemade marseille soap, I will…

  • anti-age autumn facial mask
    DIY Skincare,  DIY Zero waste

    Anti-age autumn facial mask

    Autumn, with its warm colors, gives us incredible views. All around us is colored with shades of red and yellow, the leaves fall and the avenues take on a new appearance. But autumn gives us also extraordinary foods..tasty and colorful…