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Rice water for hair and skin: does it work?

Hi! In this post I wanted to test personally the effectiveness of miraculous ingredients. Pinterest, instagram are full of posts describing miracle ingredients that can solve any skin problem.
I recently came across articles and videos about rice water as a wonderful ingredient for skin and hair. My question immediately was: does it really work?
Without much thought, I cooked rice to test its capabilities. In this article I will tell you my experience. Ready? Let’s do it!

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For those who are new to my blog (you can follow me on Instagram or Facebook) my big passion is to prepare personal care products at home. I also love to make “fresh instant products” with food for face or hair masks. Read here some recipes! They are so called by me because I prefer to used them right after I’ve prepared them.

How to Make Rice Water

I decided to test the rice water because I thought it would be great to discover that rice water could no longer be only a waste but an added value for my skin care. To prepare it, it is better to wash the rice thoroughly with water to remove dust. Rinse the rice a couple of times before cooking it. During cooking, the rice (I chose basmati) releases nutrients into its cooking water. I drained the rice and collected the water in a pot.

That’s all. The product is ready.

Nutrients & benefits of Rice Water

Rice is a food widely used throughout the world. When we boil rice in water, many nutrients are released like vitamins, minerals, water-soluble polysaccharides, amino acids, and starch. Read more here. Rice water is therefore rich in nutrients that we could use for our skin care.

How to use Rice Water

Rice Water for skin

How to use rice water

The first use was also the easiest. Test it on the face.
I washed my face thoroughly and applied rice water to the entire surface of my face. To be honest, I didn’t use any brush but only my hands.
After 3-4 minutes the rice water was still there, I probably should have kept it longer so it would have absorbed completely. Not knowing how my skin would react, I decided to remove it after almost 5 minutes with warm water.

Results: Absolutely to recommend! Smooth, soft and luminous skin! The effect lasted for more than 4 days! Fantastic!! TOP! I will certainly reuse it and I’m already thinking of strengthening its effectiveness with some additional ingredients! As soon as I make it I’ll write you a post! Subscribe to the newsletter so you won’t miss any post.

Rice Water for hair

How to use rice water

Another large use of rice water is in hair care. According to many bloggers, rice water would help hair growth and have washing and untangling functions. With a bit of skepticism I tried it directly on wet hair and left it on for a few minutes.

Results: I honestly didn’t see all these benefits. Washing power non-existent, but I was aware of this given the composition of rice water. No untangling power. I thought that rice water could create a film on the hair that could untangle it, but the end result was the opposite. Dry hair that’s hard to comb.

rice water for hair

For me, rice water for hair is a failure.


I think rice water is great for skin care and probably deserves more testing for hair care. This water should normally be thrown away but by collecting it we can have an ally for our skin at almost no cost. I already have in mind to prepare a face tonic to take advantage of all the nourishing properties.

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  • Millie

    I’ve never thought of using rice water for your hair or skin before but I may have to look into it if you say it’s good for your skin! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Jody

    This is so interesting. I wonder if rice water would have any effect on eczema. It is fascinating that it had such long term efffects on your face. I may have to try this to test it out on my skin. Too bad it was a fail on the hair, but I suspected that would be the case as I was reading along. Thanks for taking the time to check this out and report to us all.

    • Gabi

      As for hair, I would be a little skeptical to use it to solve eczema problems. Maybe Aloe Vera and tee tree oil could be better allies. In any case, the rice water is harmless and at no cost, so I would give it a try and see the results. Let me know if you try it, I’m really curios 🙂

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