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Homemade Christmas Soap Gift | cute Snowman

Hi guys! Today we will prepare together a homemade Christmas soap gift, in particular a cute Snowman made entirely of soap. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a handmade Christmas gift idea that’s original and doesn’t take much time and money. To make it you only need two ingredients and a lot of fun to create it.

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Homemade Christmas Soap Gift

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After creating the Christmas soaps last week (click here if you missed them), I thought I’d raise the bar a bit and make something much more special and certainly unique. I thought that making a snowman “in 3D” was an original homemade Christmas soap gift but also challenging to do it! Clearly without using snowman molds!

What you will need


To prepare it, I used the technique of melt and pour because it is easier when you want to make particular shapes.
In this case, instead of pouring the dissolved soap into a mould, I mixed it vigorously until it took on a soft and fluffy consistency. In this way, the soap can be shaped at will, making it take the desired shape.

1. How to make the soap snowman

Let’s start by melting some pieces of soap in the microwave or in a bain-marie. Once liquid, pour the soap into the two hemispheres that are normally used to make bath bombs (1). After a few minutes in the freezer, remove the solidified soap from the molds and combine them with other melted soap still hot (2). Press the two hemispheres together and the ball is ready. Not having a smaller bath bomb mold, I created the second snowball by melting some more soap and stirring it until its consistency was soft and fluffy. At this point I made the ball of soap, rotating it several times between my hands as if it were a meatball πŸ™‚ (3).
I joined the two spheres using a toothpick and placing more hot melted soap between them (4).


2. How to decorate the soap snowman

To decorate our snowman we’ll have to create a colorful scarf, hat and nose/carrot! To do this, I dissolved some soap with some dye and mixed it vigorously until it became fluffy. For the scarf, I used blue, yellow for the nose/carrot and red for the hat.

cute snowman soap

3. How to assemble the soap snowman

Now make eyes and mouth with brown soap (mix yellow-blue and red) and, if you want, you can also decorate the hat as I did using simple white soap. What is missing is to make it stable. To do this, I thought to create a base with white soap exactly as done before (melt and mix) and use it to cover an old jar lid (7). This will give stability to the whole structure (8). With the base now ready, put our snowman using another toothpick and our soap snowman is ready (9).

Video Tutorial | Homemade Christmas Soap Gift

Watch the tutorial video so you don’t miss any details about how to create a snowman soap as a homemade Christmas gift.

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Creating this snowman was really fun for me!

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