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Green Tea Cream for winter

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share a new DIY recipe useful in winter. I do not know how the weather is in your cities but here in Germany it is raining and snowing! During these cold days it is important to take care and protect our skin against the weather and it is for this reason that I formulated a face cream to moisturise it. Special guest in this recipe is an infusion of green tea that I used together with distilled water.


What you will need

The ingredients for 100g are:

Phase A

Phase B

Phase C

ingredients skin cream tea



Phase A

1- In a glass jar, weight the Xanthan Gum and add glycerin. Mix the two ingredients with a teaspoon and leave it for a while.

2- Warm up the distilled water and, once it’s hot, leave in infusion the green tea bag for 5 minutes. After this time, filter the infusion to remove suspensions and powder.

3- Add the green tea infused water into the glass jar containing Xantham gum and glycerin, and mix them.

step 1

Phase B

4- In a second glass jar, weight all the ingredients listed as Phase B such as oils, butters and emulsifier. Warm them up in a microwave or in a water bath till they are melted.



Phase A+B

5- Pour the phase B into A (both warmed).

6- Mix the two phases using a minipimer. Let the cream cool down.



Phase C

7- Add all the ingredients from Phase C into the cream and mix them.


Now your cream is ready to be used. I love this formula because I noted that my skin looks better. It is softer and plump but above all moisturised.

Just give it a try, I definitely recommend it! 🙂


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