Why to start doing your own beauty products???

Well.. for a lot of reasons!!


You will have for sure a different kind of skin than me or one of your friends or parents. Probably you will love a specific fragrance that maybe I can’t smell at all because I find it to strong, and vice versa. For example, my sister is incredibly intolerant for all sorts of fragrances and just a few of them are save in her personal list. In case like this, the most of the products on the market will be discarded even though really good!

Reason #1: making your own product will give you the chance to realise something perfect and unique that you will love <3



It will certainly have happened to you to be at the airport waiting for your flight. What can I do in the meanwhile? Let spend time observing all the products at the duty free… what!?!? more than 30 – 40€ for the “cheapest” skin cream!?!? Really?   No, my’s too much! Ok, probably the packaging is cute but it’s really worth? The other day I was curios to understand I much it would cost a cream made at home..well for 100 mg of product ..less than 3 €!!

Reason #2: saving money while using good product!


In all of us there is a child. It’s not only a phrase but I think that is true. We are all day seating in front of the computer, or discussing at work, surrounded by boring paperworks or studying for another exam! Sometime I think “let’s do something concrete! let’s get dirty my hands with colours..try to create something new and enjoy this time”.

Reason #3: The exact moment in which you realise that you made something special is also the some that makes you proud of yourself and aware that you’re good!!


Reduce wastes

Once I read that a way to reduce the amount of waste is starting made products at home. I’m totally agree with it! Think about the huge amount of products that we buy daily for our beauty, such as skin creams, hair products, tonics etc..How many empty jars do we throw away?? For me doesn’t matter that they are made of plastic, glass, bambu or aluminium, they will be throw away in anyway. Maybe burned in an incinerator or even worst, dumped somewhere. Awful! Doing your products at home, we can re-use old jars and help the environment. If you want to learn more about the plastic problems just click here, I wrote an article only about it.

Reason #4: be aware that what we buy will become soon a waste! Try to make your best for reduce the amount of garbage!


These are only four reasons that had pushed me to start with it. My recipes are only a starting point to let your creativity to go out in order to realise something great!!


Have fun guys!!