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DIY Christmas gift: Shower jelly

Do you want to surprise your friends with an authentic gift for this Christmas? The best way to do this is to realise your presents at home and make them unique in the world.  I think that it is not necessary to buy an expensive present to make happy friends and parents. We often forget that a personal and original touch could be enough to make special the present and unforgettable that moment. You can find other Christmas gift ideas here! Following this philosophy, I decided to realise a Christmas Shower Jelly. For this project you will just need of your creativity and some ingredients that you already have at home! So..let´s start!!

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What you will need:

Jelly shower DIY

DIY Procedure:

Realise a DIY shower jelly is extremely easy.

  1. Pour a packet of gelatine in hot water (almost at the boiling point)
  2. After mixing, add the liquid soap
  3. Mix the liquid together
  4. Leave the mixture cool it down and work on the empty containers. (I used old cupcake molds that from now on I will use only for DIY beauty products). At this stage, pour glitters on it to make your shower jelly more Christmas.
  5. Add some red food colouring to the mixture and keep stirring.
  6. Pour the mix into the mold and keep it in the fridge for 4 hours.

Procedure DIY shower jelly

Once that your DIY Shower Jelly is in the fridge, you have time to realise an unique packaging. An original idea is to create a Christmas sleigh with candies.

  1. Two kinder country and two candy canes.
  2. Fix the candy cane with scotch tape on the back of the kinder country. Do it twice.
  3. Put together the two pieces with other scotch tape on the back.
  4. Fix the front side with scotch tape.

Christmas candy cane

Now that your Christmas 🎅sleigh and you DIY shower jelly are ready, you can place your new DIY shower jelly on the candy sleigh and give it as perfect Christmas gift!

I hope that you can feel inspired to create your personalised Christmas shower jelly!

Christmas shower Jelly

Happy holiday!!

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