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DIY face cream for normal skin

Hello everyone,
my beloved DIY green tea face cream has been over for a while now and I urgently need a new one. In this period, my skin face is not particularly dry so I decided to make a cream for normal face skin.If you are curious to know how to formulate a cream click here. This new cream will be formulated using less ingredients and choosing the fragrance through an instagram pool. In the latter I asked which fragrance to use between vanilla and lavender and with 56% lavender won against vanilla.



instagram pool


But let’s start

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What you will need for our DIY face cream

The ingredients for 100g are:

Phase A

Phase B

Phase C



Phase A

  • In a glass jar, weight the Xanthan Gum and add glycerin. Mix the two ingredients with a teaspoon and leave it for a while.
  • Warm up the distilled water and, once it’s hot, pour into the glass jar containing Xantham gum and glycerin, and mix them.



Phase B

  • In a second glass jar, weight all the ingredients listed as Phase B such as oils, butters and emulsifier. Warm them up in a microwave or in a bain-marie till they are melted.



Phase A+B

  • Pour the phase B into A (both warmed).
  • Mix the two phases using a hand blender and let the cream cool down.

pour and mix

Phase C

  •  Add all the ingredients from Phase C into the cream and mix them.


phase c


Now your cream is ready to be used. I used an old container that I previously washed and labelling with cute adhesive tapes.


lavender cream


I also tried to use it as a night cream given the presence of the lavender fragrance. In fact, lavender has relaxing properties that also helps against stress and insomnia.

Just give it a try, I definitely recommend it! 🙂

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