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Christmas Bath Salt

Oh-Oh-Oh everyone! Christmas is coming and we have to be ready! For this reason, I decided to share cute DIY ideas to create your unique Christmas gifts! If you want to prepare last-minute presents for your friends or if you have a shop and you want to give a little present for their costumers, a Christmas Bath salt is what you have to do! To realise them is extremely easy and you will need of only 30 minutes.

But let’s go directly to the recipe and enjoy 🙂


What you will need


bath salt ingredients


As you can observed, the ingredients are easy to find at home. In alternative to sweet almond oil you can add some drops of jojoba oil or olive oil. You will find here another Christmas idea with sweet almond oil.



A bath salt is without any doubt one of my favorite gifts! It is not only an easy gift to realise but gives a lot of benefits for our health.  I love bath salts because they help me to reduce stress and anxiety. Let prepare a warm bath with this special Christmas version, put some candles, music on background and why not a glass of red wine. The action of the salt, in synergy with the fragrance that we will use,  will help you to relax and forget about the troubles occurred during the day.


How to prepare Bath Salt

  1. Divide salt in two glasses. One part will be coloured while the other part will remain white.
  2. Pour some drops of colouring food into the glass with salt.
  3. Mix the ingredients till the salt looks pink/red. To make the colour more intense, add more colouring food.
  4. Add 5 drops of sweet almond oil into the glass with red salt.
  5. Do it also for the white salt.
  6. In both glasses, add some drops of peppermint fragrance (of course, you can use the fragrance that more you like).

bath salt procedure


Once that the two portions of salt are ready, you have to fill the container. For this recipe I decided to alternate pink-white-pink-white to create a motif.

bath salt


At the end you will obtain your special Christmas bath salt only using few ingredients and few time.

Even though you have not spent a lot of money to create this present, your friend will sure appreciate it.


Happy Christmas!!

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