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I decided to add reviews in my blog because they can be useful not only to share my impression about skincare products but also to talk about some ingredients that are present in them. Often we are in front of a shelf with a huge amount of products that promise us to look younger or beautiful. We choose the cute one, the product that communicates our trust and loyalty but in some cases, the INCI on the back says something different. So let's go deeper on this topic and let try to buy the right product for our skin and not only the one that looks pretty ;)

  • best zero waste products on Etsy
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    Best Zero Waste Products on Etsy

    Implementing a more sustainable lifestyle might seem complicated and expensive. I admit I had the same concern a few years ago when I first approached the art of zero waste, but I was actually wrong. I started by putting into…

  • sustainable gift ideas on etsy
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    Sustainable gift ideas on Etsy

    Finding the perfect gift is complicated and time-consuming! What if we wanted to buy our gifts from small artisans? The choice is not that difficult! Online shopping can be an excellent solution especially nowadays. In this article, I want to…

  • best sunscreens for summer
    Beauty Tips,  Review Products

    Best sunscreens for this summer

    Protecting yourself from the sun's rays is very important not only in summer but throughout the year. Using sun creams with an appropriate SPF reduces the risk of sunburn and prevent the risk of skin melanomas. Also knowing the meaning…

  • BiOriens Review
    Review Products

    BiOriens: Review

    Hello, beauties! Today the theme of this blog post will not be a DIY recipe. I decided to introduce you to a German brand that I tried for six months and that really impressed me: BiOriens. As you know, in…

  • best April
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    TOP 3 Natural products – April 2019

    Hi guys! I’m back with a new Top 3 Natural products rank!(See my previous one here). After testing products in these months, I selected my top 3 that I would recommend to you. All these products are Natrue or ECOCERT…

  • top and flop shampoo
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    Best baby shampoo in Germany

    Recently, I was drinking coffee with a friend that told me about the difficulty in finding the right shampoo for her daughter. We both live in Germany and buy stuff in drugstores. She complained about some products being too aggressive…

  • best natural product january
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    TOP 3 natural products January 2019

    Hello guys! February has arrived! It was yesterday when we were celebrating the new year but now it is already carnival time! Gosh! Anyway…let’s talk about interesting stuff! If you already follow me on Instagram (if not yet you can…

  • 100% pure
    Review Products

    100% PURE: 5 sheet face masks Review

    During last advent time, the company 100% PURE promoted their products with a limited offer that I couldn’t miss. I ordered several products (several times) not only for me but also as Christmas presents. Among these I bought a set…

  • review
    Review Products

    Review Pure & Basic – Hand creme

    Hi guys, today I would like to talk about my last hand-cream “Pure & Basic – Hand creme“. I found it in a German discount. The price of this cream is really low, just a few euros. Some months ago,…