The ability to prepare and create every day new products makes you a creative person. A person that loves trying always new ingredients, discovering their properties and benefits for your skin. I started with the formulation of beauty products during a tough period of my life. In that time, I was sad and not satisfied of my working situation. So I tried something to relax a bit; go far away from the screen of my pc and do something more concrete. Although peaceful, I tried painting and drawing but I didn't get a really satisfaction once finished. So I decided to start with the DIY of beauty products. The first attempt was a disaster. Before understanding that was a failure, I insisted to use it. I went out with a greasy face due to the incorrect formulation. When my boyfriend said to me that he would never use that cream, I realised that I had to improve and learn from my mistakes. I started looking through my old books of the uni and everyday I was more motivated to know why an ingredient was better that another. I started step by step. First with easy formulations and then improving them by adding more ingredients. Now, I let that my creativity runs away obtaining every time a cream different from the previous one. I hope that this could be also for you!!

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    Green Tea Cream for winter

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    Homemade Marseille soap

    Making soap at home is something satisfying. You can play with oils and colours to get your own unique soap.  If you are interested also in the chemistry behind, you can find here all the details.  I wanted to start writing about…

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    Christmas Bath Salt

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    Anti-age autumn facial mask

    Autumn, with its warm colours, gives us incredible views. All around us is coloured with shades of red and yellow, the leaves fall and the avenues take on a new appearance. But autumn gives us also extraordinary foods..tasty and colourful but above all…

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    How to Make Your Own Soap

    Homemade soap is a Must about DIY project! It can be of different types according to their usage. So we will have cleanser, kitchen soap, personal soap, laundry soap and so on. Today I want to focus on bar soap…