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Category where the basic knowledge about DIY are explained. You will learn the basics of making creams, soaps and many other products. DIY is a great hobby, but it has to be done with criteria and awareness of what you will handle and use. Safety first!

  • soap rancidity DOS
    Homemade Soap,  Learn: How to

    Soap rancidity

    When creating homemade soaps with the cold method we can run into a pretty common problem: soap rancidity. Unfortunately soap rancidity can happen to anyone even if we pay attention to the procedure or formulation. But what exactly is the…

  • curing time soap
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    Cold Process Soap Curing

    How long does it take to cure Cold Process Soap? This is certainly one of the most common questions asked by those who are making homemade soap using the cold process for the first time. Cold process soap curing is…

  • Quick Guide | Wick for Candle Making
    Learn: How to

    Quick Guide | Wick for Candle Making

    DIY candle making may seem like a simple hobby that doesn't require too much experience. The truth is that each step is crucial to obtaining a quality candle. This quick guide about wick for candle making, aims to help you…

  • how to make infused oils
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    How to make herb-infused oil

    Herb maceration is one of the most used techniques in do-it-yourself cosmetics. This technique allows the preparation of unique herb-infused oils with peculiar properties given by the chosen herbs. Herb-infused oils are easy to make, require only two ingredients, and…

  • pros cons soap making
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    Pros and cons of making soap

    If the idea of creating soaps has always attracted you but you are still not quite sure if it is really worth it, in this article you will find the main pros and cons of homemade soap to help you…

    Learn: How to

    Skin cream formulation

    Today, I would like to go deeper into an important topic about skin cream formulation: how creams or lotions are made. If you are interested in creating your own beauty products, it could be useful to discover what there is…

  • list soap tools
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    List of soap making supplies

    Making soap at home is one of my favorite hobbies. The idea of being able to make a soap with vegetable oils and customize it with colors and scents, amuses and stimulates me. In addition, it also makes me more…

  • Skin formulation ingredients
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    Skin cream formulation: Ingredients

    Hi. Making skin creams at home is very fun and creative. But how to start? What are the ingredients that cannot be missing for the formulation of skin cream?In this post I answer these questions, listing the main ingredients that…