Which ingredients do beauty products contain? Are they safe? What benefits do they give?Let have a look of them here. always be informed

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    Where to buy DIY skincare ingredients

    What are the best websites to buy DIY skincare ingredients? Searching for the right ingredients is a key part of the whole process. The search, sometimes, could be long and tedious. It goes through searching various distributors, looking for the…

  • uses of aloe vera gel hair skin
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    7 Amazing uses of Aloe Vera Gel

    Hello, Beauties! Aloe vera is always present in my favorite natural remedies. This plant has incredible uses and benefits. In a previous post of mine, I showed you how easy it can be to make aloe vera gel at home…

  • Waxes for Cosmetics

    Waxes in Cosmetics

    Waxes in DIY cosmetics are ingredients that cannot be missing from our locker. Read which ones are indispensable and discover also the vegan alternatives:)

  • Linseed gel for curly hair
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    Linseed gel for curly hair

    Hello, everybody! Today, let’s prepare a natural hair gel with linseed! A few days ago, I saw a pack of linseed (also called flaxseed) looking through the shelves of an organic supermarket. Remembering that I read somewhere that these seeds…

  • How to make aloe
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    How to make Aloe Vera Gel

    Hello, everybody! Today we’re talking about aloe vera. Aloe vera is an ingredient that can not miss in our DIY recipes. For cosmetic use is often sold as a gel and sold at a price ranging from $ 10-20 for…

  • coconut oil for itchy scalp
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    Coconut oil for itchy scalp

    Coconut oil is an ingredient that cannot be missing in our kitchen as well as in our do-it-yourself beauty recipes. As you may have noticed, coconut oil is often in my creams or in my deodorant. This time, I also…

  • shikakai

    What is Shikakai, benefits, and uses

    Hi, Beauties! Today I would like to introduce you to an ingredient with multiple uses and benefits: Shikakai. But what is exactly Shikakai? I discovered this natural powder recently because it was mentioned to me by a friend of mine. With…

  • parabens

    What are parabens?

    “But are the ingredients contained in cosmetics really healthy?” This is one of the questions consumers ask themselves when they want to buy a cosmetic product. One of the most feared ingredients is the Paraben class. Parabens in cosmetics have…