• simmer pot
    DIY Zero waste

    How to make your house smell good

    To make your house smell good, you don't need to spend a fortune on scented candles or room fragrances. We can inebriate our home with 100% natural aromas, choosing the ingredients we like the most at practically no cost! In…

  • DIY basil face mask
    DIY Skincare,  DIY Zero waste

    DIY basil face mask

    Basil is among the herbs I love the most. This year the basil plant on my balcony has grown so much and besides preparing pesto I had to invent something else to use it. I asked my Instagram followers what…

  • cherry pit heating pad
    DIY Zero waste

    Cherry Pit Heating Pad

    This magnificent zero waste project is ideal to get prepared for the autumn while eating a tasty and delicious fruit! Cherry pit heating pad requires only 1 ingredient: cherries. Click on the image to read my article with the instructions…

    DIY Zero waste

    How to clean yoga mat naturally

    When's the last time you cleaned the yoga mat? It's definitely been a long time for me. Find out how to clean the yoga mat naturally using ingredients that you can find at home.

  • homemade hand sanitiser
    DIY Zero waste

    Homemade Hand Sanitiser

    WHO published a recipe to preparare homemade hand sanitiser with few ingredients. Read the article and look how easy it is to do it. Spread the word!

  • Linseed gel for curly hair
    DIY Zero waste,  Ingredients

    Linseed gel for curly hair

    Hello, everybody! Today, let’s prepare a natural hair gel with linseed! A few days ago, I saw a pack of linseed (also called flaxseed) looking through the shelves of an organic supermarket. Remembering that I read somewhere that these seeds…

  • How to make aloe
    DIY Zero waste,  Ingredients

    How to make Aloe Vera Gel

    Hello, everybody! Today we’re talking about aloe vera. Aloe vera is an ingredient that can not miss in our DIY recipes. For cosmetic use is often sold as a gel and sold at a price ranging from $ 10-20 for…

  • DIY bentonite Clay deodorant
    DIY Skincare,  DIY Zero waste

    DIY Bentonite clay deodorant

    Among the beauty products that I enjoy making at home there are certainly deodorants. To make a DIY natural deodorant at home is really simple and requires a few ingredients. One ingredient, that I have recently discovered, and that cannot be…