• DIY basil face mask
    DIY Skincare,  DIY Zero waste

    DIY basil face mask

    Basil is among the herbs I love the most. This year the basil plant on my balcony has grown so much and besides preparing pesto I had to invent something else to use it. I asked my Instagram followers what…

  • bath salts rainbow
    DIY Skincare

    Relaxing bath salts| DIY Rainbow project

    June is the month dedicated to LGBT pride. It was chosen to commemorate the Stonewall uprisings. Violent clashes between the LGBT community and the police that took place in June 1969. This year I also wanted to create something to…

  • men's face moisturizer
    DIY Skincare

    Men’s face moisturizer

    Hi, beauties! Do you know what I realized? That although I make a lot of products for my husband, I have never shared them on my blog. I've been concentrating a lot on women's skincare products. I don't know exactly…

  • DIY lip balm
    DIY Skincare

    DIY Lip Balm Recipe

    In Winter our lips need extra protection. For this reason, I have thought to make a DIY lip balm recipe to protect my lips during these cold days. This DIY recipe will only take less than 2 minutes but will…

  • DIY bentonite Clay deodorant
    DIY Skincare,  DIY Zero waste

    DIY Bentonite clay deodorant

    Among the beauty products that I enjoy making at home there are certainly deodorants. To make a DIY natural deodorant at home is really simple and requires a few ingredients. One ingredient, that I have recently discovered, and that cannot be…

  • face cream normal skin
    DIY Skincare

    DIY Face Cream for Normal Skin

    My beloved DIY green tea face cream is over and I urgently need a new one. These days, my skin face is not particularly dry so I decided to make a DIY face cream perfect for normal skin using less percentage…

  • face cream tea
    DIY Skincare

    Green Tea Cream for winter

    Hello everyone! Today, I am going to share a new DIY recipe useful in winter. I do not know how the weather is in your cities but here in Germany it is raining and snowing! During these cold days, it is…