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Best eco-friendly diapers: reusable or disposable?

One of the questions new parents ask themselves is how and which diapers to choose. Many parents are aware that choosing the right eco-friendly diapers are not only important to keep the baby dry, but also to reduce the impact on the amount of waste produced. Yes, because according to the Telegraph in UK only,

almost 2.5 billion diapers are landfilled every year

A devastating number!

Today, on the market we have seen the appearance of a large amount of biodegradable and eco-friendly diapers. But are they really?
I recently took an interest in the subject because I wanted to recommend the best diaper to my sister who recently gave birth to our first nephew. Of course, by definition the best diaper is the one that gives the best performance, it’s not so expensive and respects the environment. So, attracted by the slogan “eco-sustainable” printed on some diapers I did my research and what I discovered surprised me a lot.


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What does ‘biodegradable’ mean?

When we think of something biodegradable, we associate it with the ability to degrade faster without damaging the groundwater and soil. That’s true, but one detail is missing. It must not end up in landfills. According to the guardian, a biodegradable diaper left in landfill could take up to 50 years to degrade. For the decomposition process, it is necessary to have an environment with sufficient oxygen and enough temperature, but above all with microorganisms. It is for these reasons that even if you are motivated by good reasons such as the protection of the environment, if you buy biodegradable disposable diapers and throw them away in landfill, you will in any case contribute to the increase in waste.


Best eco-friendly diapers: reusable or disposable?

With this knowledge it is easier to make conscious purchases.

Reusable Diapers

Cloth nappies are the most eco-friendly solutions. If you want to reduce the amount of disposed diapers the most sustainable solution is to use cloth diapers that can be washed and reused. Obviously if on the one hand they are eco-friendly and help save money on the other hand they  increase in the number of laundries that need to be done and consequently the increase in water and energy consumption.

Among the cloth diapers the recommended ones are:

  • Bumgenius


  • Grovia

  • Bambino Mio


Disposable Diapers

Disposable diapers are naturally easier to use. Large retailers provide nappies made mostly from plastic and other chemicals that would help absorption while preventing unpleasant leaks. However, I noticed that there are not 100% biodegradable diapers. I remember that by biodegradable I mean a diaper that has had its faeces removed and has been thrown into composting. Many diapers are in fact only 75% to 95% biodegradable. So, put aside the factor “biodegradable” because we have just seen that there are no such diapers currently on the market (if I’m wrong write to me in the comments), let’s see what factors should be controlled to buy diapers with good performance and that respect the environment.

Disposable Diapers: which one to choose?

To be sustainable and eco-friendly we can buy products whose production try to limit the environment and climate impact. This is an important factor in the concept of sustainability. In fact, we should consider the entire production process instead of just waste disposal. For example

  • the use of sustainable raw materials,
  • reducing emissions into the air, water and soil and
  • avoiding substances harmful to humans.

For this reason I recommend just 2 disposable nappies that meet these parameters having obtained sustainability certifications such as Nordic Swan Eco Label or ECOCERT. (you can find more details about the latter in my previous post)

  1. Bambo Nature

This diaper has been awarded the Nordic Ecolabel and FSC (Council for Forest Management) certification. FSC certification is only obtained if the products are made from raw materials from well-managed forests and responsible sources. In addition, Bambo Nature diapers do not contain harmful chemicals such as chlorine, used as a bleach to whiten diaper material.

2. Eco by Naty

This brand has received several awards including the FSC certification mentioned above. Eco by Naty has also obtained the ‘Biobased OK’ certification. It proves the ecological nature of diapers thanks to the use of renewable raw materials. It is also certified Vegan, Ecocert and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). The latter certification guarantees that textile products contain at least 70% organic fibres.


In conclusion, reusable diapers are in my opinion the greenest but I can understand that could be complicated to use them when is travelling or when we are away from home. In this case, try to choose brands which take environmental protection seriously.

I hope this post has been useful to you 🙂




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