About Me

Hi everyone,

welcome to my blog 🙂

I launched C6Beauty.com from my passion for self-production of beauty products with ingredients of natural origin.

Respect for the environment and recycling are two other important factors that often influence my choices as a consumer. It is for these reasons that I prefer to use recycled jars to store creams, shampoos and soaps giving them a second life and reducing waste!

Well, if you are still here reading my short introduction probably you have my same passions: beauty and nature.

Before dedicating myself to this new adventure as a blogger, I spent many years studying chemistry and also obtained a doctorate. It was also thanks to this scientific knowledge that I became passionate about self-producing homemade products. I love to study what’s behind every single ingredient and discover its benefits.

To share my passion I decided to create this blog where I share with you not only my recipes but also some tips to help you choose the ideal product!

I hope you will enjoy reading it!


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