• soap
    How to

    How to Make Your Own Soap

    Homemade soap is a Must about DIY project! It can be of different types according to their usage. So we will have cleanser, kitchen soap, personal soap, laundry soap and so on. Today I want to focus on bar soap…

  • skin cream formulation
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    Skin cream formulation

    Hello guys! Today I would like to go deeper in an important topic: how to formulate a skin cream. If you are interested in creating your own beauty products, it could be useful to discover what there is behind a…

  • parabens


    Parabens are organic molecules used as preservatives in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. They are synthetically produced in chemistry laboratories and they show good antimicrobial and fungicidal action. In chemistry, they are known as esters of para-hydroxybenzoic acid. This can sound really scary…

  • Recipes

    Homemade moisturizing Hand cream

    Hi guys! Autumn is coming and we have to be ready for the cold windy and the rainy days. A product that can not be miss on our bedside table is a good natural moisturising hand cream. How to do…

  • review
    For Skin

    Review Pure & Basic – Hand creme

    Hi guys, today I would like to talk about my last hand-cream “Pure & Basic – Hand creme“. I found it in a german discount. The price of this cream is really low, just a few euros. Some months ago,…

  • Recipes

    Face mask with rice banana and honey

    Today is a windy and rainy day. 🙁 I thought that a good way to improve my afternoon was to prepare an easy recipe for my skin and take care of myself. Ehm .. but my fridge was almost empty…