• soap rancidity DOS
    Homemade Soap,  Learn: How to

    Soap rancidity

    When creating homemade soaps with the cold method we can run into a pretty common problem: soap rancidity. Unfortunately soap rancidity can happen to anyone even if we pay attention to the procedure or formulation. But what exactly is the…

  • Home remedies against stretch marks
    DIY Skincare

    Home remedies against stretch marks

    Stretch marks are blemishes much hated by many. They can be concentrated mainly in the abdominal area, breasts or legs and, once formed, are difficult to eliminate. So the solution is to prevent them, dedicating precious time to our skin.…

  • deodorant cream zinc oxide
    DIY Skincare

    DIY deodorant cream with zinc oxide

    Deodorant is certainly a product that can not miss in the DIY cosmetics. Coconut oil and baking soda are the ingredients among the most used in the do-it-yourself formulations. But what if we wanted to create a deodorant different from…

  • Ingredients

    Where to buy DIY skincare ingredients

    What are the best websites to buy DIY skincare ingredients? Searching for the right ingredients is a key part of the whole process. The search, sometimes, could be long and tedious. It goes through searching various distributors, looking for the…

  • curing time soap
    Learn: How to

    Cold Process Soap Curing

    How long does it take to cure Cold Process Soap? This is certainly one of the most common questions asked by those who are making homemade soap using the cold process for the first time. Cold process soap curing is…

  • Quick Guide | Wick for Candle Making
    Learn: How to

    Quick Guide | Wick for Candle Making

    DIY candle making may seem like a simple hobby that doesn't require too much experience. The truth is that each step is crucial to obtaining a quality candle. This quick guide about wick for candle making, aims to help you…

  • Homemade Mosquito Repellent Spray
    DIY Zero waste

    Homemade Mosquito Repellent Spray

    With the arrival of summer and hot weather, mosquitoes and their dreaded bites arrive. Who hasn't had sleepless nights because of the constant buzzing of these annoying insects? In this post, I show you how to make a simple homemade…